Why we do it!

We are often asked what is the point of Operation Santa and doesn’t everyone get a present at Christmas? The answer is no and there are thousands of children in Dudley borough living below the poverty line.

The grim reality!

Here are some feedback and examples of where Christmas may well have been ruined, but thanks to lovely people making donations, we helped to make a difference!

On a more positive note

We have had some lovely feedback from Sutton School, as we provided them with Christmas gifts for a number of their children again this year.

“Operation Santa has allowed Sutton School Pupils to experience a Christmas before Christmas. On our last day at school, pupils had the opportunity to visit our Grotto. Pupils were allowed to select a fantastic gift of their choice, thanks to Operation Santa. [please click on picture –> for a second story]”

Operation Santa is a local campaign which is run by Dudley CVS a local registered charity and has been operating for over 40 years. The idea is simple, we collect donations of new toys, gifts, food etc. to help make Christmas for children, young people and their families across Dudley borough. Many of the recipients would otherwise get nothing for Christmas and we channel the donations to local voluntary, community and faith groups who support children and families in crisis. Whatever is collected only goes to children, young people and their families who live within Dudley borough, it does not go out of the area or overseas.  At the last count over 15,000 in the borough have been classified as disadvantaged and live below the poverty line, so every year is a challenge!